Goals and Resolutions

Each year I find myself making the same resolutions, or goals. I'm going to lose a few more pounds, pay off my student loan, re-learn French. Those three right there are the most common new years resolutions and the first ones people quit.

This year I found that my resolutions are easier to achieve. Doesn't mean they are easier, means that they aren't so far fetched.

1. Read a book a month.
Easy Peasy! Over here we started a monthly book club. This month it's Not that kind of girl. I'm 5 chapters in and I can't put Lena Dunham's book down. I've only seen maybe one full episode of Girls, so I did not know how funny and talented she was until yesterday.

2. Finish the projects that I start.
This one might be a little harder because I tend to be all over the place with my projects. For example, I have a 1/6 of a baby blanket that I need o buckle down and finish, and 6 things that need to be sewn that are all pinned and ready to go. This resolution also includes blogging. I have always loved writing and photography and I plan to do more of that this year. 

3. Get Healthier.
Have you ever had a workout that you feel just gets you? I discovered PiYo the last few months of 2014 and I am hooked. It's a Pilates/Yoga mix and it's just incredible. As well as the PureBarre/BarMethod/PopPhysique classes. Those are my jam. This year I'm not focusing on pounds, or inches, I'm focusing on health. And I encourage all of you to do that too. I'm going to eat more fruits and vegetables and less french fries and fast food. I've decided to give up meat to help me achieve that. Not as a diet, but as a lifestyle. We, as humans, only need about a palm sized amount a meat every few days or so. Plus, there are tons of other ways to get protein! Okay, I digress.

What are your goals/ resolutions for 2015?


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