Ocarina of Time: part 1

Last time, I gave you my initial reactions to the game. This time, I'll go about it a little more differently. I've beaten the giant eye spider. After 2 rage quits before I finally figured out that once you hit it with the slingshot, smack it with the sword. (Did not know that, and I refused to let anyone do it for me.)

Before I go any further, let me give you a brief background on my LoZ gaming. I played the games here and there but never actually finished one. I had Link's Awakening on my GameboyColor, and if you opened the saved game today, it's still only thirty minutes in. We never owned any other LoZ games, mainly because I went though a hard core Pokemon and Final Fantasy phase. (It's not a phase, still in it.)

Back to the game at hand. After defeating giant spider eye, who's name escapes me now. It was time for a lovely chat with the Mustache tree. WHO STILL DIED. But before he died, told me the story of the TriForce. After mustache tree died, I got lost in the Lost Woods and had Navi yell at me twice. (Hey! Listen!) Navi is, so far, my favorite companion. Much better than the demon looking thing from Twilight Princess. Finding my way to the right exit, Saria doesn't want Link to leave! (awwww) Which means... OCARINA!!! My favorite part of the whole exchange was Link slowly backing away from Saria. 

Now... we all know what happens when you hit chickens in any of the Zelda games. AND I WANT TO HIT ALL OF THE CHICKENS. All. Of. Them. But I won't. I resisted. It was hard. Skipping a head to sneaking into the castle. I've heard in the original game the guards were kind of silly, and if you stood in front of them they wouldn't see you. This is WRONG. You could sneak by them, not in their line of sight and they would catch you. I got past them the first time, not knowing about the rooster, forcing myself to get caught. Once into the courtyard, it was actually pretty simple. All about timing.

You meet Princess Zelda, (for the first time!!!) where she gives you the Ocarina of Time and you are taught a melody. Head back to Lon Lon ranch to be taught Epona's song. Then off to the scary mountain!

Rage Quits: 2 Time: about an hour Location: Kakariko Village


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